In 1994, Isaria Project Development was founded as a project development company for residential construction in Munich. Since then, we have committed to the development of living spaces in urban areas – living spaces that meet the needs and requirements of tomorrow already today. That way, we simultaneously create a home and permanent values.

We have stayed true to this concept ever since. As a future-oriented project developer, we have been part of QUARTERBACK Immobilien AG since 2021. Together we value sustainability and the development of livable and future-proof districts.

In doing so, we fully count on teamwork. Since the beginning of 2023, Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH has been led as a trio. David Christmann. Robert Lange and Guido Prummer lead a team of 90 employees (date:01/23) who passionately, competently, responsibly, and quality-consciously work on the development of new living spaces and have turned Isaria into an expert in implementing urban spaces in the metropolitan regions of (southern) Germany.

A leading developer for
living spaces in Munich and its surroundings
More than 25 years of experience
in project development.
Approximately 90
Approximately 520000 floor space in planning and under construction.
Approximately 2500000 floor spaceimplemented.
Approximately 3 billion €
assets under management


Climate change and social and demographic developments are main factors to make rethinking and thinking ahead in city planning absolutely necessary. In our opinion, the development of new urban districts has to happen holistically, so that the rising demand for affordable housing will not be satisfied at the expense of our climate. That is why we don’t just think sustainably from an ecological perspective, but also from an economical and social one. We recognise our responsibility to consider the interests of future users as well as those of the environment.

In doing so, we care about both increasing the quality of stay and the improvement of the microclimate, for example with tree-covered parks with sufficient retention areas, urban gardening, private roof gardens, and green roofs as well as conservation. As an example, we created a lizard habitat at the size of 10,000 m² in the DIAMALTPARK and did not even build on 50% of the area.


Our society is as colourful and diverse as never before. The results are new ways of life for which different housing, working, and mobility structures need to be created. In our projects, we think of young and old just as much as of families, singles, and alternate life plans.

When realising our projects, we operate passionately, competently, reliably, transparently and quality-conscious. We implement the needs of later tenants from the start in the planning and implementing of our projects. At the same time, we recognise our responsibility to consider the interests of future users and tenants consequently – reliably, socially and sustainably.

We develop
values for life.

David Christmann, Speaker of the management


We don’t just create new urban living spaces. At the same time, we create permanent values and attractive investment properties. We have possessed the necessary know-how for nearly 30 years. In David Christmann, Guido Prummer and Robert Lange, three proven experts head Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH, who have a lot of experience in the area of project development.

Management spokesman

David Christmann (*1964) started on September 1st, 2020 as management spokesman at Isaria Project Development. Primarily, he is responsible for the sustainable development of mixed use districts, focusing on residential real estate and care facilities as well as asset management, marketing and communication, controlling and finances.

Before that, David Christmann worked for the Rock Capital Group. Starting in June 2017 as managing director, he was in charge of project development and concentrated on district development. Prior to that, Christmann was part of the staff at Patrizia Deutschland, where amongst other things, he was head of project development and construction management.


Robert Lange (*1974) was appointed Managing Director of Isaria Projektentwicklung as of September 1, 2022. He is responsible for the area of new construction realization and the area of commercial project service as well as the Stuttgart branch. Robert Lange has already been working for Isaria as Head of Project Management since 2017. During this time, he has made a significant contribution to the further development of the company. Under his leadership, he has built up project management including the areas of quality assurance, warranty management and commercial project service.
Before joining Isaria, the graduate civil engineer worked for 15 years on the client side, both nationally and internationally. Most recently, Robert Lange worked for many years at HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung GmbH, where he was responsible for implementing both commercial and residential real estate projects.


uido Prummer (1966) completes the three-member management board of Isaria Projektentwicklung since March 2023. He is responsible for the leading tasks of building law creation and project development, especially in Munich and Stuttgart as well as project controlling.

Previously, Guido Prummer was Managing Director at Ehret+Klein GmbH in Starnberg, having previously held the same position at ACCUMULATA Immobilien Development GmbH in Munich. In total, he has more than 15 years of experience in management and can also point to the development and realization of various real estate projects.


From the beginning, we have committed to the development of urban spaces and implemented projects for diverse clients in city centres. Founded in 1994 as project development company for residential construction in Munich, we have since then represented the visionary development and quality-conscious implementation of urban living spaces in (southern) Germany’s metropolises.

In 2020, Deutsche Wohnen took over essential projects of Isaria Wohnbau AG. Since 2021, the QUARTERBACK group has been Isaria’s mother company, providing a space for Deutsche Wohnen to concentrate the field of project development. Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH is an important part of the group, focusing on future-oriented project development in southern Germany.

Project ZAM Munich-Freiham

Project Mühlbachviertel Dachau