Our world is changing. This also affects our cities. Social and demographic developments, global changes like climate change, new technologies, a different consumer and mobility behaviour, and many other factors directly affect our cities and the housing and living situations within them.

Cities, architects and project developers have to rise to these challenges.


The appeal of cities is unbroken. To make them more resilient, we need to break up monotonous structures and enable flexible utilisation. Housing, businesses, commerce and gastronomy, as well as cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities need to be blended more and move closer together. The role model is the 15-minute city.

At Isaria, we are rethinking the city so that what we develop now will work in the future as well. This cannot always succeed 100 percent, but from our point of view, it is an important contribution to a liveable world tomorrow. We are trying to take into consideration all challenges, from changed mobility to heavy rain, from energy efficiency to CO2 consumption, and to transform them into new city planning concepts in cooperation with politics, neighbours, investors, and all further parties involved.

Josef Riel, Projektleiter bei der Isaria Projektentwicklung


We all know that climate change has become reality. Our way of life has led to the planet losing its ecological balance. We have lived at the expense of the environment. That is why, especially in city development, sustainability is one of the most important aspects to consider.

At Isaria, we therefore develop all of our projects with the point of view of sustainability. Climate-neutral buildings supplied with green electricity generated by themselves, enough unsealed green areas – in the Diamaltpark, more than 50 percent of the surface is not built up, 142 residential units were implemented in wood-hybrid construction – and a modern mobility concept to relieve traffic, for example by providing delivery bicycles like in our project GreenLevels in Munich, are just a few points bringing us closer to our vision of the city of the future.


We are visionaries. And we have to be, because we are developing projects that are supposed to be long-lasting for the future. However, we do not build castles in the air. We implement what we develop. We use our knowledge and our passion to make our contribution for sustainable, liveable, and attractive cities. And we are proud of every new accommodation that is built this way.