As a subsidiary of QUARTERBACK Immobilien AG , Isaria is part of a strong corporate group, contributing all our competence as project developers and implementers. Isaria is the partner for the metropolitan regions in southern Germany.

We also carry out projects for third parties in partnership with QUARTERBACK Immobilien AG., but also for third parties. You can always rely on one thing: We take on every project with great passion, competence, and our characteristic vision. At the same time, we are always reliable, transparent, and we operate at eye level.

Hofmark am Olympiapark, Munich-Milbertshofen

Visualisierung der Arkaden mit Blick auf den offenen Stadtplatz

ZAM, Munich-Freiham


GreenLevels, Munich-Sendling Westpark


An experienced project developer, QUARTERBACK Immobilien AG has over 28 years of expertise in the development and construction of residential buildings and commercial properties. The company, located in Leipzig, has more than 320 employees and is involved in nearly every major property location in Central Germany as well as the rest of the country, combining project development and asset management under one roof. With projects valued at around eight billion euros, QUARTERBACK is one of the largest project developers in Germany and, alongside other projects, is responsible for new construction activities for Deutsche Wohnen SE.

Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH’s expertise in the development of sustainable buildings and city neighborhoods in urban areas makes it the perfect partner alongside QUARTERBACK to develop more resource-efficient and livable city neighborhoods in southern Germany.

Team spirit, interdisciplinary know-how and a wide range of experience
– that is what defines us.



With a portfolio of 155,000 apartments, Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading listed real estate companies in Europe. The company’s operative focus lies on the management of their real estate portfolio in dynamic metropolitan regions and centres of industry in Germany. The company holds 40 percent of QUARTERBACK Immobilien AG which takes responsibility, amongst others, for new construction projects for Deutsche Wohnen.

Together, the two companies are planning to build around 24,000 new apartments in livable, family-friendly neighborhoods across Germany in the coming years. The new construction projects of Deutsche Wohnen are planned, implemented and certified according to strict sustainability criteria. The new building supports the corporate goal of a climate-neutral building stock by 2040.

Due to its share in QUARTERBACK Immobilien AG, Deutsche Wohnen is also one of Isaria’s clients, therefore directly participating in our future-oriented and sustainable projects.

We are proud to have a partner like this on our side. For Deutsche Wohnen, Isaria implements diverse projects. The most important part: Deutsche Wohnen is not only a client, but mostly, also the future portfolio holder. This enables us to include the future tenants’ interests in our project planning from the start, because Deutsche Wohnen knows them well. That way, we develop our projects specific to our target group and with high quality, partnering with Deutsche Wohnen.