Isaria launches “ZAM” city neighborhood

  • 332 new apartments for rent
  • 20,500 square meters of living space
  • Living with an alpine view

Munich, January 26, 2021. Project developer Isaria is beginning construction work on the new ZAM neighborhood center in Munich’s Freiham district. Isaria’s two construction sites alone provide over 300 apartments for rent, approx. 5,400 square meters of office and practice space, and approx. 6,000 square meters of retail and gastronomy space.
The two plots of land now under construction cover a total area of around 8,500 square meters and—together with the neighboring buildings—form a new district center in Munich’s Freiham district. A comprehensive neighborhood concept has been developed for the new center in partnership with the City of Munich. “We are creating precisely what people in Munich want here: namely, rental apartments in a lively environment with local shopping and leisure facilities. At the same time, the city center is only a short journey away by suburban train,” says David Christmann, managing director of Isaria.
Community Relations Officer Kristina Frank adds: “‘ZAM’ in the local Bavarian dialect means ‘together,’ and ‘together’ we are implementing an urban development goal for the Freiham Nord district center. The result is an urban district center with a broad range of uses ensuring high levels of throughput at different times of the day. This range of uses is geared toward mature inner-city models with ‘living—working—leisure—supply’ functions. I am particularly pleased that we are creating a visible, significant building block in the development of the new Freiham district in starting construction of this district center. This will be the shopping and meeting-place venue of the future. This is where Freiham residents will be ‘zam’—together—in the future.”
The new district center will feature a broad mix of uses. The ground floor has shopping facilities and gastronomy. The first floors are being considered for use as medical practices, offices, and other commercial spaces—close to the people that need them. The apartments will be located above these. Here again, a mix is planned for the 332 apartments. The spectrum here ranges from single-room 30-square-meter apartments to 3-bedroom apartments with over 100 square meters. The Isaria project will create a grand total of around 20,500 square meters of living space. “A special highlight will be the residential tower, which is planned to be almost 61 meters high and will give tenants a spectacular view of the Alps,” says Christmann.
In terms of urban development, Christmann is convinced that the many uses and offers will create an urban rendezvous point for the entire district. The open structure of the new, public Mahatma Gandhi Square will contribute to the revitalization of the district as a city square and meeting place. Gastronomic offers, the weekly market and other similar facilities should further enhance its attraction.
The Hamburg-based architectural firm Störmer Murphy and Partners designed the architecture of the two buildings. A number of attractive arcades connect the inner utilization with the public city square and tempt you to stroll around and stay awhile. The unusual and striking façade design of the high point lends it its own identity and has the potential to become a landmark in the entire development.
Work started on January 26, 2021. If all goes to plan, structural work will follow as early as the second quarter of 2021. The apartments should then be completed by end 2023.
The two other plots of land to be developed, on a total area of around 13,000 square meters, are owned by the Rosa-Alscher Group.

Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH

Isaria specializes in the development of city districts and sustainable buildings in urban areas. From the time of acquisition through to the construction phase, all projects undergo sustainability analyses as a matter of routine. The goal when doing this is always to develop livable urban districts while conserving resources, for example on the MD paper factory site in Dachau, where up to 1,000 apartments are to be built in the coming years. Isaria is a company which is part of the Berlin-based Deutsche Wohnen Group.
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