Building permit granted for ZAM in Munich

Munich, March 16, 2021. Isaria’s forward-looking “ZAM” project in Munich continues to make progress. The City of Munich has now granted planning permission for the new Freiham district center. This gives the green light for construction of 332 apartments, 5,400 m² of office and practice space as well as approx. 6,000 m² of retail space.
The project is being implemented in close coordination with the state capital. For example, Isaria is working with the City of Munich and the Freiham-Nord advisory committee to model the façades that will one day surround the city square. Plans are in place for the first steps towards sampling the façades.
Work on the excavation pit for the ZAM project has been in full swing since late January 2021. It is scheduled for completion in summer 2021. This will allow the shell construction work to continue seamlessly.

About Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH

Isaria specializes in the development of city districts and sustainable buildings in urban areas. From the time of acquisition through to the construction phase, all projects undergo sustainability analyses as a matter of routine. The goal when doing this is always to develop livable urban districts while conserving resources, for example on the MD paper factory site in Dachau, where up to 1,000 apartments are to be built in the coming years. Isaria is a company which is part of the Berlin-based Deutsche Wohnen Group.
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