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The new-build “Hofmark am Olympiapark” project was topped out today. [...]
By changing the construction schedule, Isaria has ensured a safe walk or ride to school in partnership with Deutsche Wohnen [...]
The knocking down of the Last Wall Standing was an artistic performance marking the completion of the demolition work [...]
Demolition and soil remediation work at the MD site in Dachau is suspended until early September. [...]
Isaria Projektentwicklung is developing the Hofmark am Olympiapark quarter for Deutsche Wohnen in Munich’s Milbertshofen neighborhood. [...]
The artwork on the “Last Wall Standing” pays tribute to the paper mill’s history and symbolizes the location’s transition to a new design. [...]
Artist Johannes Wirthmüller will be turning the rear wall of the MD paper mill’s garage into an art canvas before it is demolished [...]
Isaria Projektentwicklung has established an office in Stuttgart. [...]
The first move was made for Green Levels in Munich’s Sendling-Westpark borough about three years ago. [...]
Deutsche Bahn has been secured as an anchor tenant for a commercial property in Munich-Perlach owned by Deutsche Wohnen, which Isaria is project-managing. [...]
Isaria Projektentwicklung is developing the new mixed-use ZAM district center for the Deutsche Wohnen Group in Munich’s Freiham district. [...]
The new Diamaltpark city neighborhood was built within three years on the site of Munich’s Diamalt baking products and soup seasoning factory (1902-1994). [...]
The website for our project on the former MD paper factory site in Dachau is now online. [...]
Isaria’s ZAM project in Munich continues to make progress. [...]
Isaria München Projektentwicklung has acquired the Ufa-Palast in Stuttgart from SORAVIA. [...]
Isaria München commences construction of the last four sections of the Hofmark am Olympiapark quarter. [...]
Project developer Isaria is beginning construction work on the new ZAM neighborhood center in Munich’s Freiham district. [...]
Isaria München Projektentwicklung is commencing preparatory construction work for its upcoming Rosenstein Trio project in Stuttgart. [...]
Norbert Wögler (52) has been named the new CEO of Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH. [...]
Munich-based Isaria has sold, for €119.2 million, two residential complexes which are set to be built with a total of 219 apartments, to asset manager DWS for an institutional fund. [...]
In southern Munich, in Neuperlach-Süd, Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH is currently implementing the Enjoy new-build project. [...]
From September 1, 2020, David Christmann (55) will take over the role of spokesperson for the Management Board of Isaria München Projektentwicklungs GmbH, and in future is set to lead the company, which is part of the Deutsche Wohnen Group. [...]

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